Bonefish and Tarpon Trust: The Problem with Tarpon

Tarpon are one of Florida’s most precious natural resources. People come from all over the world to fish for these great leviathans. Bonefish and Tarpon Trust is hard at work, their scientists are collaborating with anglers and guides to protect these fish in the Florida Keys and around the globe.

While tarpon fishing here in Tampa Bay and else where may be great, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Keys guides are noticing a decline in the fishing, that is a worrisome trend.

My friends at BTT reached out to me to help get the message out! Check out their video below to learn more:


Why Tarpon Matter:

Set aside for a brief moment the gigantic economic impact that tarpon fishing has on Florida and consider this; tarpon are what’s known as an indicator species.

Indicator species are sort of a bellwether of our ecosystem. When you see a healthy megafauna population (tarpon, sharks, etc.) you can get an idea of how the overall ecosystem is doing.

Healthy tarpon populations are an indicator of a healthy ecosystem.

More on Tarpon

If you want to learn more about tarpon, I have several blogs which you may find interesting such as:

However, I am hardly an authority. For that I recommend visiting the website of Bonefish and Tarpon Trust. 

Bonefish and Tarpon Trust

The mission of Bonefish and Tarpon Trust is to conserve and restore bonefish, tarpon and permit fisheries and habitats around the world through research, stewardship, education and advocacy.

You can follow BTT on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Until next time, Tight Lines.

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  1. Wow, never knew tarpon were in such a fragile situation! Godd thing for people like bonefish and tarpon trust. Glad you posted this.

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