Tarpon Time

It’s just about the most wonderful time of the year again – summer. With summer comes the arrival of tarpon (hence the title). It takes preparation, planning, hard work and a little luck but all of it is worth it when you grab that face.

Important Tarpon Info

Here’s a few things to remember when trying to land one of these silver beauties this summer.

Try to fish with a partner (unless you’re pond fishing for juvies). You may need to throw your anchor and chase these fish. This is because of the amount of line that a tarpon can burn off your reel. Remember, this isn’t like throwing on a trolling motor and working down a row of docks to pull out a redfish, you can’t just wing it.

When you’re fishing on the beach or in the passes, be aware and courteous of other boats. That is be aware of where people are going, watch where you anchor.

In other words, tarpon fishing is hard.

In Conclusion

Handle these fish with care: Never remove them from the water (unless they’re under 40 inches long). Always support their stomachs, don’t “lip” them. Don’t use a lip gaff or any other similar piece of equipment. If you’re pier fishing, use a pier net to raise and lower the fish. Be mindful of sharks while fighting your fish. If a shark is on your tarpon, there are a few things you can do, but I would open the bail for the fish or break it off.

Be educated. Have the right gear, right baits, check the tides and moon phases.

Have fun, be smart and above all respect the fish.

Finally, if you want more information about tarpon, check out Bonefish and Tarpon Trust or read one of my many blogs such as “Bow to the Silver King”.




Until next time, Tight Lines

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  1. What a great post. It’s good to see you supporting the proper handling of Tarpon. I find in a lot of instances people don’t understand how to handle these Fish and can cause unneeded stress on the fish after release. I found this article very useful looking forward to reading more.

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