What’s in the Box: Fly Box Review

I’m back again with another video review, this time I’m going to go through my fly box to let you know what I use when it comes to fly fishing!

Everyone has different flies for different things as well as their own personal preferences. In the video below you will find out what I like to keep in my box!


What’s in the Fly Box: Schminnows¬†

Like I said, schminnows are some of my favorite flies and can catch a variety of fish. If you want to learn how to tie schminnows, I already wrote a blog on that, check it out!


What’s in the Fly Box: Clouser Minnows

From salt to fresh, there may not be a more versatile fly then the clouser minnow. From peacock bass to bonita to snook, it’s a fly that you can rely on all across the state. Check out how to tie one here!


How to stock your box: 

Everyone’s box is unique, and whether you’re tying your own or buying them yourself, you will either need A. the materials or B. the fly themselves. I live in the Tampa Bay Area and so my two favorite places to get flies and materials are Bill Jackson’s Shop for Adventure and Tailwater Outfitters. Both of these shops are very well stocked in both fly and conventional tackle, give them a visit!

In Sum:

I’m far from a master fly angler, but these are just my recommendations for some basic flies based off of what I use myself. I encourage you to read, watch, ask and try yourself to see what you like and how it can help you in your pursuit for gamefish. At the end of the day getting out and fishing is the best way to learn.


Until next time, Tight Lines.

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