What’s in the Box: Tackle Box Review

Not to pump my own tires, but I do okay catching fish. That being said, I’ve created this video post that lets you know what’s in the box, what I use to catch fish consistently.

That being said, this is a little different as it is a video post. So if you can make it past my ugly mug you might actually learn something.


What’s in the Box: Hooks 

It’s a good thing that I’m writing this down, my redfish hooks are size one, the hooks I use for snook that appear with the number followed by a slash are “aught”.


What’s in the Box: Lures

Dark lures and crazy colored lures like electric chicken I use in dark water, light colors I use in clear water. Technically you always want to match the hatch, but sometimes the crazy colors work too.

In my opinion, if the water is clear the fish can give your lure a second look, so go with something non offensive like white or clear. If the water is dark, they most likely won’t see your clear bait anyway and you can get away with dark and various color combos.


What’s in the Box: Leader

I discussed leader in this video, I like Seaguar, if you like another leader that’s fine, however you should be familiar with a basic way to tie a leader to lie.

Here’s how you tie line to leader. 


In Closing: 

None of the companies that I mentioned today paid me (I wish) to say that I use them. I like companies like MirrOLure, Danco and Owner because they flat out make great stuff.

I will continue to use these products until they fail me. That being said, I encourage you to get out and fish and see what you like and what works for you. You’ll find what you like!


Until next time, Tight Lines.

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