Florida Beauty: The State We Live in Part 3

It’s something that I don’t write enough about, but I feel is important and should be mentioned. That is Florida beauty.

Sure Florida has the greatest sunsets, but it’s more than that. It’s the connection that we can have with the natural world around us as well as the animals and everything that goes along with them. However, make no mistake, I don’t worship Gaia. I certainly think that modern industry and fossil fuels are a Godsend. However, I do feel a personal closeness with the natural world that is hard to even describe.

Perhaps it’s too esoteric for people. But I guess I will just break it down like this. God created all these beautiful things and we’re lucky enough to be able to see them and hold them. To experience them, be out in it all is such a blessing. It creates (or it should create) a huge sense of gratitude within our hearts. Certainly if you haven’t experienced this I highly recommend it.


So to me it’s more than a pretty sunset or just a fish. It’s the moment when I get to hold that fish and consider life, or look at God’s creation of the ocean and the sun and our landscape and just think about how much he has smiled upon us.

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In Conclusion

Just remember how blessed we are. Smile and appreciate Florida beauty.

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Finally, check out FWC.com to learn more about local and state parks where you can experience true Florida.

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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