The State We Live in Part 2

As of late I haven’t gotten to do as much fishing as I would like, (however don’t forget that the state we live in is beautiful).

This is due in large part to the weather – it’s either too hot and I don’t feel like waking up early to beat the heat, or it’s raining. So whatever the case may be, I haven’t been on fish as per usual. This blog is supposed to be about Florida’s natural wonders as well as Florida fishing so this is just some cool stuff I wanna show everyone.

beauty is everywhere in our state



These mangrove pods will drop off the tree and float to a new home.

a great way to explore our state

The SS Korte 2



Canoes are a great way to get after fish in skinny water





My favorite inshore fish, even if it is a rat.

Yeah nothing super exciting but just some photos from the past week or so. We live in a great place where nature is alive all around us – our state is amazing. Within the next week or so depending on work I hope to have more and better material to share. For more content like this check out, “Florida: The State We Live In”

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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