How to tie a Polar Fiber Minnow

I’ve said before that my favorite fly of them all is Norm Zeigler’s Schminnow. A close second however would have to be the polar fiber minnow.

These flies impart great action, look really cool and just plain catch fish. Just last week Jarek jumped a very large snook (mid 30’s to 40’s range) using this fly. We have both consistently caught smaller snook using this fly and I am sure that it would work for a number of different species.

So here is how you tie a polar fiber minnow:



Yes I know the video was muted. Here’s my reaction



So here’s a slide show that also shows how to tie the fly as well as providing corresponding steps.



Firstly: Using white thread tie in red flash

Secondly: Tie in white polar fiber

Thirdly: More polar fiber and wraps

Fourthly: Tie in gray polar fiber with black thread

Fifthly: Tie in silver flash

Sixth: More gray

Seventh: More black polar fiber

Eighth: Add eyes

Finally: Epoxy the head and cure with a UV light

Note*: Avoid looking directly at the UV light


In Conclusion:

The polar fiber minnow is a great fly for catching a variety of fish and is actually easy to tie! It may look complicated, but it is actually quite simple!

If you enjoyed this video, then check out some of my older tying videos such as “How to Tie a Gurgler” or “Pretty Fly for a Baitfish Fly” as I am sure that you will enjoy them as well!

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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