Florida: The State We Live In

There was once a time where I hated Florida. I thought it was too hot, too rainy, too buggy and just an in general enjoyable place. It wasn’t until about three years ago that I fell in love with Florida’s natural beauty which I feel is breathtaking. Here I will share with you some of that beauty.

I am amazed at how close some of the wildlife here lets you get to it. This Great Egret was stealthily watching me fish all day.

Egret taking flight in Dunedin, Florida

Photo taken by William Korte

I feel that you can’t truly appreciate a sunrise until you see it offshore, as it creeps just over the seemingly infinite horizon.

Gulf of Mexico sunrise off the Florida coast

Photo taken by William Korte

Conversely, seeing a Florida sunset on the water can also be quite memorable

Sunset on St. Joseph's Sound in Florida

Did I mention that you could get close to the wildlife here? You’re looking down the throat of a ladyfish in this photo.

Down the throat of a ladyfish caught in Florida

Photo taken by William Korte

The subtle beauty of a mangrove tunnel can also hide many species. Stingrays, sheepshead, mullet, redfish, snook, tarpon and flounder lurk here.

A Tampa Bay, Florida mangrove tunnel

Photo taken by William Korte

Go outside, go explore Florida’s natural beauty that’s right outside your door. Or if you’re looking for information about Florida’s State Parks or wildlife viewing areas you can visit http://myfwc.com/.

I promise you that you won’t regret it.

Until next time, Tight Lines

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