I dream of schminnows

Schminnows are a classic fly which was first created by Norm Zeigler. It’s my personal favorite and is something that every fly angler should have in their box. I actually have a video on here that demonstrates how to tie one (see below).

In this video Chris does a slight variation of the classic schminnow. There are no black mono eyes in this version and we used dubbing rather than chenille. It swims great and will catch fish. Check it out below.

Notice around the 1:20 mark when the thread breaks, Chris is able to easily reattach it. It’s an easy trick – if you break a thread take your bobbin and suck the end and you’ll have your thread back out and ready to go fix your broken wrap.

Get creative with your flies, try different things with colors and eyes/no eyes, flash, different fibers – the sky is the limit. Have fun with it. You never know, you may just create the next great fly.

In conclusion, schminnows are great flies that you can use to catch a ton of different fish. Give it a try!

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Until next time, Tight Lines.

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