2019 A Year of Fish

Always appreciate every good day that you have, this is because you don’t know when it may all end! Be that as it may, what a year 2019 was for fishing! I ceratinly had some amazing moments and shared them with some awesome people. Here’s a recap of some of the best moments (hence the title) on the water from this past year.

I hope that you enjoy the following post! I also hope that it inspires you to get out and make memories with friends as well!

Finally a big bass!



Without question, catching peacock bass in South Florida was an absolute blast! This is because as big peacock bass on fly has something that had eluded me for a long time. That being said, we also got a few honorable mention large-mouths in there as well! In other words, we slayed.

Peacock bass just fight so incredibly hard and are so cool. I just absolutely love them. Largemouth bass are also pretty cool too.

Snook and moreover, redfish

This year there were probably around 200 redfish caught from my boat, albeit not all of them brusiers. Consequently, the two biggest were a 29 and a 30, congrats to Jose and Jarek for laying it down. As can be seen below is a collection of some of the nice redfish that came over the gunnels of my boat this year!


Big girl reds as can be seen above ^^^

I was denied on several occasions by big beach snook this summer, however, again Jarek and Jose laid it down. It was an absolutely amazing 4th of July that produced the featured fish below. I won’t soon forget that day! In contrast, this day may be a little bit fuzzy for Jose!

Snook just pull so hard, get so big and look so cool. Honestly, they’re another one of my favorite fish of all time!


Tank snook as can be seen above ^^^.

Finally: Tripletail!


I had a few firsts in 2019 as well, my first tripletail for example (which was delicious). I found out first hand just how hard these fish fight, especially for their size.


Additionally, I had another memorable trip which went as follows: Firstly, I hand lined a goliath grouper. Secondly, I caught my first bonita on fly. Thirdly, I caught  several Spanish Mackerel as well which we harvested.

You don’t know the true power of a goliath until you’re connected to him by a hand line and can feel his absolutely massive strength. If you think bonita are fun on spin, then catching one of fly will rock your world of what a fly fight can be. Finally, the always trusty Spanish mac provides a fun test on fly that you won’t be able to wait to try again!

That being said, this was all courtesy of Brent Schirmer. He was also the one who put me on my tripletail. He has an awesome YouTube channel. Subsequently, anyone that has an interest in seeing some awesome fishing content should go follow! To put it another way, he kills the fishing game.


Honorable mention

I certainly felt that this deserved special recognition, aside from all the other redfish pics – my personal best redfish on fly. He wasn’t caught on a dock light and he was definitely not rat red. In contrast, he was sight casted on the flats of Chassahowitzka!

If you think wresting a red out of a dock is fun, then just wait until you have one screaming fly line across a shallow flat!


In Sum

Without question, I caught a lot of great fish with great people in 2019. As usual however, far, far too many to showcase. Most importantly I’m glad that I was able to have these awesome experiences this past year and I am undoubtedly looking forward to 2020 and a whole new year of amazing fishing with amazing people. In other words, I loved 2019 and can’t wait for 2020!

If you enjoyed this post, then be sure to stay tuned for more great content coming soon. At the present time I am working on a few other things that I think you’ll love! Additionally, if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below!

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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