Product Review: Urban Fly Fishing with Angler Ops

Firstly: Intro

You never know what tomorrow holds, in effect, be prepared for anything! For example, you could win the lottery tomorrow, or on your next fishing trip, land a personal best! Another example, around Christmas, I came across a young fisherman by the name of Ryan Malley who has been making great strides in the industry with his business, Angler Ops. Hence the title. Subsequently, Ryan hooked me up with some of his custom flies for urban fly fishing. I have to say they certainly catch fish, stay tuned to learn more about my experience!

I hope that you enjoy the following review!

Secondly: Day One

Firstly, I started my search for fish by chasing ditch pickles (bass). As a matter of fact, my local neighborhood ponds provided hungry bass that I could sight cast with the white baitfish/schminnow pattern Ryan tied.


(Don’t mind my giant, hideous loop knot as shown above)

Following along, from the bass ponds I went looking for salt. While I found tarpon rolling, they didn’t want to play. What I in fact did find was snook and a surprise tilapia.


Salt/freshwater fun as shown above ^^^

When you’re urban fly fishing, many times you’ll find salt and freshwater fish together sharing territory. For example, as I said, I had tarpon swoop on my fly several times.

In other words, these flies caught fish.

Thirdly: Day Two

Following a day of traveling all over the map, I switched gears to hit the lights… dock lights.


Too bad the trout above were closed and too small.

While this may have been my second route, dock lights are definitely my favorite thing to do. My boat doesn’t have working lights on it, despite this, I still have access to dock lights from land.

The shrimp pattern particularly was the ticket for these freezing cold dock light trout. Many fish are less active during colder months, however, trout love cold water.

These flies overall swam great and definitely appealed to a wide range of fish in both fresh and saltwater. In the same vein, if you want more tips on fly fishing and urban fly fishing, then check out posts like this.


Productive bugs as shown above ^^^

The baitfish pattern (schminnow) and shrimp pattern were awesome and have henceforth earned a spot in my box; conversely, many flies simply catch fishermen.

To put it another way, these flies work.

In Conclusion: About Angler Ops

In the first place, Angler Ops is a family owned fishing business that was founded with the purpose of meeting the needs of fellow anglers in a variety of fishing situations. After growing up fishing during family adventures, Ryan Malley, now 15 years old, developed a love for fishing.

Fast forward up to the present time, Ryan and his father Michael and family developed Angler Ops to share info, resources and products to all anglers. Not only that, but their website currently provides shirts, hats and custom made lures. In 2018 Ryan began custom making bucktail jigs and in 2019 also fine-tuned the art of custom making flies. Additionally, they have other awesome items coming soon!

I certainly recommend checking them out at the above links!

If you enjoyed this post, then stay tuned for more great content coming soon! Also, if you have any comments, please feel free to leave them below!

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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