Memories: The fish of 2016

Without a doubt every year and decade for that matter have distinguishing features. For example, the early 2000’s were unique and different from that 90’s. That being said, 2010 through 2020 will also be unique I am sure.

You can certainly say that each year is unique in fish as well. That being said, here are the fish of 2016! To clarify, there will be one of these posts every year (I know that you were dying to know). Also to clarify, yes, it’s not only the fish that I have caught!

2016 was a year filled with fantastic fish and memories. This is true not only for myself, but also my friends. This is because not only were big fish caught, but also amazing different types in different scenarios! In other words, it was awesome.

If you’re wondering why was it such a great year, then check out the photos below.


Above all, the best fishing related thing of 2016 for me was getting to go to Boca Grande and stay at the world famous Gasparilla Inn and Club! Not only was my stay and all my food complimentary, but I also got to tarpon fish for free as well! In contrast, I have had many quieter years than this.


If you want to read about my stay on Gasparilla Island, subsequently click here to read the blog! Likewise, you can view their website here. 


Secondly, this year was a great year for poon fishing!



If you want to learn more about tarpon fishing, then subsequently check out my many tarpon related posts, like “Bow to the Silver King”. 

If you don’t like tarpon, then I don’t like you. Moreover, if you don’t like tarpon, then they don’t like you either. They’re sensitive fish, hence, don’t hurt their feelings!



I know that you certainly need a break after reading all that copy!

Thirdly, offshore fishing was productive as well!



Offshore fishing is unique in many ways and I certainly love it. There is nothing like pulling on a big grouper or snapper meanwhile your friend is fighting a tuna! Offshore fishing can be absolute pandemonium when the wreck is hot!

If you want to learn more about offshore fishing, then be sure to also check out “Into the Blue”. 


I certainly caught a few okay fish this year as well! Snook are one of my favorite fish, however I don’t catch that many of them, so it was nice to get a good one.



If you want to learn more about fly fishing, then I suggest you check out my post, “Fly Dudes do Fly Things”. (After reading this post of course)!

Fourthly, we also got a new boat.


It is certainly a great boat. That is to say that we absolutely love our SeaPro! SeaPros are essentially Key West hulls, so you know you’re getting a good boat. Of course I would still love a poling skiff like a Hell’s Bay. However, a Salt Marsh for example may be more realistic!

In Conclusion 

My friends are all better fisherman than I am, but I say this every year. It’s about so much more than just the pursuit of an animal. This is because it’s about sharing the experience with those who matter. Like Zane Grey said, “if I fished only to capture fish, then my fishing trips would’ve ended long ago”. To sum it up, fishing is better with friends!

Finally, remember, it’s all about making memories (hence the title). Always value those who care about you.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, then stay tuned for more great content! I will certainly have more awesome blogs coming out soon!

Until next time, Tight Lines

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