Fly Dudes Do Fly Things

Of the many forms of angling few may be more challenging, rewarding and awe inspiring than fly fishing.

Fly fishing rod in mangroves

Photo taken by Nathan Hitt

Proper hand grip and arm/wrist positioning as well as managing your line are essential tasks for making a successful fly cast.

Casting a fly fishing rod

Photo taken by William Korte

Fly fishing is also an art form, many anglers tie their own flies their own unique way. Few anglers tie the same fly the same way.

Baitfish fly used for fly fishing

Photo taken by Nathan Hitt

Aside from building their own flies, it is true art to be able to fool such picky eaters such as snook and tarpon into eating bare hooks with hair and feathers glued to them.

I mean just think about it, instead of a snook eating a live pinfish, you’re trying to get it to eat colored fur tied to a hook with thread.

You are certifiably crazy.



Photos by Nathan Hitt

Fly fishing from a kayak adds another dimension of difficulty to the already challenging task. It also makes it that much more rewarding.

Snook caught while fly fishing

Photo taken by William Korte


Tarpon on fly

Illustration by William Ward


Fly fishing: In Conclusion

You’re crazy… and I love it.

As an experienced angler I can tell you that fly fishing is in no way shape or form easy, from casting to stripping the fly to make it move, to tying your flies, it will test you in every sense of the word.

I have picked up a fly rod on numerous occasions and I must say that I need work, and a lot of it. The photos and/or illustration(s) contained in this blog are all of my close friends who are experienced fly anglers. They learned through hard work and practice and its fair to say that if you put in the time you can become a fly angler yourself.

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Until next time, Tight Lines


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