The Gasparilla Inn and Club: One hundred years of history. One hundred years of class

Last week I got to spend 3 days at the Gasparilla Inn and Club in Boca Grande. During this time I was fishing, writing and relaxing!

I did an extensive write up about it in the Tampa and Sarasota editions of “Coastal Angler Magazine”. If you want to read it, then you should head over to my additional works page starting next month or read it at the online edition of the magazine.

What I am sharing with you here today is pretty much just pictures and videos that I captured while I was there with a few facts.

The Gasparilla Inn and Club

The place is an absolute 5 star experience that is both historic and beautiful. I certainly encourage everyone to try and go there at some point in their lives. As fancy and done up as it is, if you don’t own a seersucker suit or wear white gloves don’t despair, you’re just as welcome! Consequently, the Inn is a friendly family environment that can be enjoyed by anyone!

I could go on for pages and pages about how great my experience was and how the inn is the most incredible place that I have ever stayed. However, I am keeping it short here!

Here are some photos and videos from my trip.

This anchor was pulled from the bottom of the pass generations ago.


The Inn serves amazing food! For example, grilled swordfish!


These two plaques are prominently on display right outside of the main entrance of the Inn.


China from back in the day


From back in the days when every big fish caught was a trophy. I found this guy in the “Pelican Room”. I could see Hemingway and Zane Grey sharing a drink while playing pool and discussing the days catches fishing in here.




Video Tour


Here we’ll take a stroll around via my Snapchat story.


Here’s a video of the first tarpon caught during our trip.


Fin Nor Santiago


During my stay I even got to go fly fishing for giant tarpon. The inn was able to put me in touch with a fly guide who polled me around and gave me shots until the weather forced us to go in. I didn’t feed any fish, but when you see a one hundred plus pound tarpon following your fly, it’s worth the price of admission.

More About the Inn

  • Firstly: The inn is over 100 years old.
  • Secondly: The inn is on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Thirdly: Notable guests range from the George H.W. Bush family to Henry Ford and Thomas Edison
  • Fourthly: Boca Grande has some of the best tarpon fishing in the world
  • Fifth: The entire town has no corporate chains on it and one single gas pump. Building codes are very strict so there are no high rises
  • Finally: Almost everyone drives a golf cart

In Conclusion

My trip certainly was amazing. I highly recommend the Gasparilla Inn and Club and likewise, Boca Grande in general for anyone to visit! It is paradise for those who fish as well as those who simply enjoy nature. In other words, it’s amazing!

Finally, it wouldn’t be right to end off without giving credit where credit is due. I want to extend a special thanks to all the inn staff who made my stay great, but especially Corey Anglin and Jon Reecher – you guys really went out of your way to make this trip special. Also our captain, Captain Brian Knight is a great captain and an amazing guy to tarpon fishing with! Thanks for putting us on the fish!

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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    1. Yeah this is the time to get beach snook. They are there, and the water is so clear I bet you would get shots with a fly rod. I woke up early enough to do it (pre dawn) and said nah I’m going back to sleep. Good luck!

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