Product Review: JJ Fishhook

As the seasons start changing and fish become more active, more time on the water will certainly mean more wear and tear on your equipment. The product I am reviewing today will help with just that, it is reel lube/grease by JJ Fishhook. Obviously routine maintenance on equipment is  important, but in this case I subjected my equipment to  harsh conditions and tasked JJ Fishhook with rescuing it.


Trial by Fire

I went out on my kayak last Saturday during an extremely low tide and only saw one redfish. Things got worse, the wind picked up and I (as well as my reels) got drenched with every stroke I paddled.

The only fish I managed all day was a small blacktip shark. Say what you want about shark fishing, but when an unexpected blacktip takes your bait and gives you numerous jumps, it’s exciting.


As many fish as I catch, I will always enjoy catching sharks.


The Trials Continue 

After I returned home and stowed my kayak, I went wade fishing with my friend Jarek.

Jarek grew up in Palm Harbor and knows Saint Joseph’s Sound like the back of his hand. Recently he had been wade fishing docks which had produced a lot of redfish and snook.

We hopped in the water and waded all the docks he had prescribed, but unfortunately all that resulted was us breaking off two fish and me dunking my reels. It was a bad tide and a bad day; sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. To put it another way, it sucked.

Licking my wounds I cleaned my reels with JJ Fishhooks grease and I was astonished. My reels were like new. My two reels which were grinding with saltwater a mere two hours before were restored to incredible condition, as if they had never gotten wet and sandy at all!

Last Chance Summer Dance 



I was about to take an L on an entire week of fishing when I got a call from Jarek. I was driving back from church when I got the call to go wading for a few hours. We waded the same docks we had the day before with a different tide and it was a world of difference.

We saw over slot snook as well as big reds, black drum, sheepshead, rays and tons of mullet. It was like the spot came alive, all we needed was a better tide!

We fished for a few hours and caught a ray, a sheepshead and six or seven redfish. In short, it was awesome!



For only a dozen shrimp, it was a great day. Of course wading meant putting my reel through serious conditions and again JJ Fishhook’s reel grease saved my reels and returned them to perfect condition.


In Conclusion

JJ Fishhook is based out of Sarasota Florida and is a corporate member of the International Game Fish Association, the American Sportfishing Association and the Recreational Fishing Alliance. Give them a look and try out their products, they’re affordable, are imbued with natural fish attractants and are made in America.

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Until next time, Tight Lines.


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