How to tie a Zonker Fly

This title is a little bit misleading. This fly that we’re doing in this video isn’t quite a true zonker but it’s close enough. This is a good fly for pond tarpon fishing, so I called it a tarpon zonker in the video.

We have a special guest with us for this video, Chris’s dog moose. Moose is a breed called Vizsla which are bird dogs. Moose isn’t just a bird dog however, he’s also a fly fishing dog! Anyway enjoy the video.



At 3:10 you’ll hear Chris mention “bad scissors”. This is because if you’re cutting EP brush which has wire in it, your scissors will be damaged -ergo don’t use your best scissors.

zonker fly
The finished product


Before we end off here I want to give a shout out to my boys Will and Jarek. They put this sick video on Instagram of a tarpon adventure they had last week. They put in the work and caught some good fish.


Check it out here!

If you enjoyed this post, then stay tuned for more fishing, fly and leader tying posts and videos. Also check out some of my past posts like, “Pretty Fly for a Baitfish Fly” and “Poonfecta”. 


Until next time, Tight Lines.

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