Pretty Fly for a Baitfish Fly

In this video my good friend Jarek will be demonstrating how he ties a baitfish pattern fly. This fly is very versatile as well as easy to tie. Many of the fish in “The Scum Pond Chronicles” were caught with baitfish pattern flies. They are versatile and can be found in fly angler’s flyboxes all up and down the east coast and on the Pacific Ocean.

This particular fly is purple and black, however you can tie any color or size that you want. To that same point, you can also tie it to be most beneficial to your specific fishing situation.

I hope that you enjoy the video, there is even some commentary from me thrown in there as well!


Purple patterned baitfish fly
Our complete baitfish fly


Above is another shot of the finished product. Like I said before, a pretty easy fly to tie that is versatile and deserves a place in your box for sure!

If you enjoyed this, then stay tuned for more fly tying videos coming soon! These will feature my friends and I tying a number of useful flies that will help you to catch a plethora of inshore saltwater gamefish!

Until next time, Tight Lines

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