Seducer Fly for Snook, Tarpon and Redfish

The seducer is one of the oldest flies around. Consequently it’s also one of the most effective. Think of it as kind of a saltwater woolly bugger. This also means it’s one of the easiest flies to tie. It’s a great for tarpon of all sizes (just size up the fly for what size tarpon) or snook.

In the video below, Chris Sexton will demonstrate how to tie the seducer fly. Feel free to leave any questions, comments or concerns in the comment section.

To sum it up, the seducer fly is an easy fly to tie that can be used to catch a variety of different saltwater gamefish such as snook, tarpon and redfish. I hope that this video inspires you to give it a try and tie one. Best of luck!

Note**: Fly tying is a very personal art. While there are certain things that are universal as it pertains to techniques of fly tying, feel free to experiment. Put your own spin on tying this fly!

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Until next time, Tight Lines

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