How to tie a gurgler

A gurgler is a topwater fly. So just like your run of the mill “walk the dog” lure, they will produce insane eats and some seriously heart stopping action. Unlike a “walk the dog” lure that you would throw on spinning gear, a gurgle “gurgles” and displaces water causing a commotion on top rather than necessarily a swimming motion.

A basic gurgler is easy to tie and will get the job done. There are a million other variations of this fly that one could produce and catch fish on, but for demonstration purposes this is just a simple run of the mill topwater fly.

I’ve caught everything from bass to snook on gurglers. Some of the fish caught in “The Scum Pond Chronicles” were caught on guglers. I feel that it is a fly that every angler should have some variation of ┬áin their box.

The finished product


A special thanks to Chris Sexton for taking the time to do this video. Guy ties some sick flies and is a hell of a fisherman.

If you enjoyed this video, then stay tuned for more awesome fly and knot tying videos as well as general fishing knowledge and stories.

Until next time, Tight Lines

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