Falling for Fall (fishing)

So fall is upon us and water and air temperatures are dropping across the board, that means fall fishing! Before long the cold fronts will start rolling in one after another and make any fishing, boating or beach activity not viable.

In the middle of winter, fishing can be very difficult. Hence, make the most of fall!

This may cause great distress for some fisherman, however I say it doesn’t have to be this way. I actually love fishing this time of year because it’s a much needed break from oppressive summer heat and the fish are still plentiful – if you know where to look.

Accordingly, a Week Recap

This week my friends and I all got on some good fish, that being said, henceforth, here’s some of the more notable fish from this week of fall fishing.


As can be seen in the photos above, you can get on some great fish in fall


The little guys also need love ^^^


jacks caught while fall fishing
Two is better than one!


As shown above, jacks are super aggressive. They’re even more aggressive in fall.


a fall fishing beauty
A great fall fishing beauty


If you hook a fish like the one above, you need to try to turn his head straightaway.

We also had some freshwater action as well!


In the final analysis of things, freshwater fishing will always have a special place in my heart. I will always love saltwater, however taking a break to freshwater fish is always a great time.

In Conclusion:

So just because the temperature is dropping don’t fret. Get out and enjoy the break from the heat. If you put in the time, then you can find plenty of good fish. Henceforth, at the very least go outside and experience our Florida beauty as you can see below.

Most importantly, check the weather before you go, for example, I visit the National Weather Service site. This is because even during the fall the weather can change quickly.

Hence, fall fishing is awesome!

For more seasonal fishing, certainly check out, “A Summer Plenty”. 

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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