A Summer Plenty

As the mercury rises and summer turns the corner in these coming months, Tampa Bay and its surrounding waters will come alive with numerous sportfishing options.

Summer pompano

The seasons are changing and with the advent of summer comes higher temperatures on both land and water. This is the time of year that anglers live for, the higher water temperatures spur an explosion of fishing opportunities – as long as anglers keep in mind certain important factors.

“The higher temperatures speed up the metabolism of many game fish and there’s more bait fish in the water this time of year also,” local angler Aaron Myers said. “We also have some migratory species that move through here this time of year.”

Some popular summer targets for anglers include tarpon, sharks, speckled trout, redfish, flounder, pompano, black drum and snook. All of the aforementioned species can be targeted by shore bound anglers in addition to those with water craft.

While summer presents a multitude of opportunities at great fishing, it also caries its fair share of risks. Summer fishing trips should always take into consideration extreme weather such as wind, thunderstorms and high temperatures.

“I call it the six – ten rule, that is 6-10 a.m. or 6-10 p.m. being the best times to fish to beat the heat,” local Bay Area guide Neil Taylor said. “Sunrise and sunset – the low light conditions are best.”

When it comes to fishing around weather it is important to check the forecast not only the day before your trip, but the day of as well and even during your trip by using a smart phone or your boat’s radar system. Being caught in a storm is a serious situation and is extremely dangerous.

“I have safe spots, places to wait out storms,” Taylor said. “Rather than race a storm and risk drowning have a place to sit it out.”

Wind direction can effect tides and water clarity. Make a note of wind speed and direction before your trip.

“Wind can ruin a trip,” Captain Stewart Ames said. “It can affect the tides and how the fish respond so I pay attention to it.”

Whatever species anglers choose to target this time of year, if they keep certain key factors and considerations in mind and success is very attainable.


In Conclusion:

Special Thanks to Captain Neil Taylor of Strike 3 Kayak Fishing for the great report

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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