Three Books for Fishermen

I have previously written about the Top 7 Books for Outdoorsmen, however, it felt incomplete. As such, I have created this list of the top 3 books for fishermen to round out the top 10.


1. Lords of the Fly 

Written by bestselling author, Monte Burke, this book recounts the legendary stories of some of the best fly anglers who have ever lived, anglers such as Lefty Kreh, Stu Apte, Ted Williams, Tom Evans, Billy Pate. If you want to hear about how it was in the good old days of Homosassa when men chased world record tarpon, read this book.


Books for fishermen


2. Marquesa 

The Marquesas are uninhabited islands 20 miles west of Key West. These islands are home to some of the best permit and tarpon fishing anywhere in the world. Come along on this adventure as the author describes his six week adventure living alone on a houseboat in the Marquesas with nothing more than his fly rods and flats skiff – it’s a journey back in time.


Marquesa: A Time & Place With Fish: Cardenas, Jeffrey: 9780962060991: Books


3. A River Runs Through It

The novel that inspired the blockbuster hit bearing the same name which was responsible for the fly fishing gold rush of the early 90s. This novel chronicles life in the Rocky Mountains in the 1920’s – a life of fly fishing, logging and the trials and tribulations living in one of America’s most beautiful, wild and unforgiving places.


A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean


In Conclusion

These are must read books in my opinion, they take you back to simpler and fishier times. They make great gifts this holiday season, or are great for a present to yourself. As the winter winds begin to blow, pick up something from this list to spend a day warm and inside.


Until next time, tight lines.

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