Gifts for Outdoorsmen

Can you believe that it is almost December? It will be Christmas before you know it, so here are some great gifts for outdoorsmen.


1. Frigate Reserve Rum 

From legendary outdoorsmen such a Flip Pallot, Drew Chicone and others, this was meant to be enjoyed with friends around a campfire on a deserted beach or in the deepest woods recounting the day and sharing stories of the one that got away. It’s super smooth and high quality with options ranging in rum aged for either 8,12,15 or 21 years.


Frigate Reserve Rum


2. Lords of the Fly

Written by bestselling author, Monte Burke, this book recounts the legendary stories of some of the best fly anglers who have ever lived, anglers such as Lefty Kreh, Stu Apte, Ted Williams, Tom Evans, Billy Pate. If you want to hear about how it was in the good old days of Homosassa when men chased world record tarpon, read this book.


Note*: I already wrote a post about books for Florida Fishermen, and not having this on the list was a major miss.


Lords of the Fly


3. Socks from Everglades Fishing Co. 

This shop is awesome, they have a crazy variety of quality products and are an Everglades City institution. One of their signature products are their socks, they are extremely comfortable and stylish. Sadly, they took a major hit from Hurricane Ian and they aren’t completely up and running again yet. However, their socks are sold at a number of the larger tackle centers in the Tampa Bay Area – just search Google for them!


EFC OG Grey Socks

4. Art

If you are looking for gifts that outdoorsmen will LOVE, art is a sure bet. I’ve written about this before in “My Top Fishing Artists”, we love to decorate our houses with outdoor themed art, so this is a layup.


FISH - T. Borski Art Gallery
A piece from the legendary Tim Borski



5. Yeti Loadout GoBox

I’ve been on a lot of trips to many different places, this piece of equipment has always been a mainstay. If you like to travel and fish, then it is practically a necessity. It’s from Yeti, so you know that it is quality and built super tough. It has a ton of storage compartments that are built to perfectly accommodate all your fishing gear – inshore, offshore and fly. It comes in various sizes and colors, so pick one that fits what you like to do.


YETI LoadOut GoBox Divided Cargo Case, Tan + Free Shipping


Honorable Mention: Fish Monkey Gloves 

While I don’t wear these all the time, these gloves are actually pretty handy. If you’re like me, your hands get sunburned and destroyed by saltwater – these gloves will help protect them. They come in various designs and lengths, so they can help keep you warm in cold weather and can even serve as a stripping guard while fly fishing.

These aren’t a necessity by any means, but they are a nice to have that I appreciate when I do wear.


Stubby Fingerless Gloves for Fishing | Fish Monkey Gloves
These are the “short” version, but versions with longer fingers are available.


Wrap Up

I hope that when you’re scrambling to find a gift in a month or so, that you remember this post and get the outdoorsman in your life something that they will love. These are a bit outside the box, a departure from the normal rod, reel or lure that they certainly have ten of already – that’s part of what makes them so great!

Good luck, and until next time, tight lines.

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