Redfishing in the Winter

Redfishing during cold weather months can be some of the most productive of any time of the year.


Redfishing in Practice

I never usually do this, but in this particular instance, I actually recorded this fishing trip.

You can watch this video here.

I work quite a bit with video production at work, so I thought that implementing it as a part of my blog could be an interesting piece of content. Check out the YouTube trailer below.



In any case, back to the question at hand of the trip. For context, the shrimp that we were using the in the video were very large as can be seen below. The structure that we fished were oyster beds and docks. The move was strong drags to keep fish away from obstructions, then loosening the drag allowing the fish to run and ultimately be landed.

We had to try multiple spots as the bite wasn’t exactly on fire, but it was consistent. Sometimes this time of year when the water is a bit colder, it only takes one or two spots that are loaded down with fish to find success. Catch and release was practiced throughout the trip.



Redfishing for Beginners

I have written many posts about redfishing over the years, on spin, plug and fly. You can check my post, “Drum Line”, which I wrote all the way back in 2013 – hard to believe I’ve been at this for so long! If you don’t feel like reading, feel free to watch the video. The video has a nice wrap up explaining how we got it done.


In Conclusion

Just like with this blog, I am not quitting my job to produce videos. The video aspect just adds a nice story telling aspect to the overall piece. I was a bit vague in the write up for precisely that reason, go check out this and my other videos, and let me know what you think. Give me a follow or drop in a like or comment.

Until next time, tight lines.

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