Grabbin’ Tale Lures – A Product Review

I recently had the opportunity to review Grabbin’ Tale Lures. Created by Captain Lionel James, a full time guide in Destin who specializes in whacking big redfish! These are his own custom lures that he uses to put a hurting on big red drum!


These lures are designed not only with the classic paddle tail, but also a ribbed body. Consequently, this helps the lure to throw off more vibrations and ring the dinner bell for nearby fish.

Not only that, but also they are imbued with flecks of glitter and other flashy materials to help elicit strikes.

Hopping these guys along a grass flat or channel edge is the way to go.

lions tale lures


Grabbin’ Tale Lures in Practice¬†

I got into a hot trout bite the last time I was out. Pairing these guys with a quarter ounce jighead and hopping them over grass with sand patches in the two foot depths in the early mornings was the ticket. They jumped all over it.

As you can see, the trout in the last slide absolutely choked it. These fish were caught in Saint Joseph’s Sound in Dunedin.

These lures had a similar effect in Tampa Bay. I fished a grass flat in roughly four feet of water in which every single cast was a hookup. I caught upwards of 50 fish. They would strike the second it hit the water, chase the lures up to the boat; they were almost fighting over trying to eat. Through all these fish, they held together wonderfully.


More than Trout Slayers 

While these lures took care of business in terms of speckled trout, I also had success on some unexpected inshore visitors. (Baby) gag groupers!


These little guys ferociously attacked these lures with impunity.


In Sum

I had a great time testing out these baits. They are made with a high degree of quality and it is obvious that fisherman created them with the desire to produce a highly effective lure that produces fish.

To get yours or book a charter with Caption Lionel click here. To check out his YouTube channel, click here. For his Instagram, click here.

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Until next time, Tight Lines.

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