The Best of the Rest: More top saltwater lures

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Here is a list in no particular order of my top saltwater lures that didn’t crack the top five. This is just one man’s opinion.



If you’re an old-timer or traditionalist, then you’re probably pulling your hair out here. They were my last bubble lure that didn’t quite make it.


Johnson Sprite Gold Spoon Top Saltwater Lures

Spoons are basically idiot proof. All you do is cast and reel. I’ve just never really seen much success with them and they catch a ton of grass. They work, they’re just not my favorites.



You’ll see these guys in the freshwater edition of this blog too. Spinners bring together paddle tails as well as spoons for an awesome 1-2 punch.

However, I find these lures to be big, clunky and prone to snagging. I have certainly caught redfish with these, but I think that there are better options. : Strike King Redfish Magic Saltwater Spinnerbait top saltwater baits



Honestly, this was so close to making the top 5, but it was too hard to bump any of the other five. This is my go-to lure for wintertime snook. You can throw them a mile, when you hook a fish, the wire will deploy so you can use lighter leader!

This may seem gimmicky, but I promise you that it is nothing of the sort.

SpoolTek Lure Review and Tutorial [Top Pros, Cons and Video]
Hard body head, paddle tail – plus a hidden wire leader. Spooltechs are unique and effective.

Because I only use them for wintertime snook, I had to push them out of the top five.



Gotcha! plugs are mackerel jigs that excel! In my opinion, there are few better lures to throw or pull for Spanish and king mackerel.


500 Series Gotcha Plug | Fishbrain

Their weight allows you to throw them a mile and sink fast. To fish these you want to rip this lure as fast as you can so the flash shimmers and draws mackerel reaction strikes. 


Pompano Jigs

Despite their name, pompano jigs can actually be used to catch a variety of fish. Flounder, pompano, sheepshead, trout, whiting and many more can be taken on these small jigs.

Fish them in the surf by hopping them along the bottom creating little puffs of sand, or vertical jig with them inshore near bridges and passes. Tipping these lures with shrimp or sand fleas can help to increase bites.


T & A Jigs | Wacky Pompano Jig (2 Pack) top saltwater lures


Bonus: Flair Hawks 

While primarily an east coast lure, they still see use in Tampa Bay as well. These heavy lures are often bounced along the bottom near passes, spillways and inlets for giant snook and grouper.

GSL Skimmer Flair Hawk - Gulfstream Lures

Note**: Because these lures are so heavy, expect to lose many to bottom structure. However, if you’re not getting hung up, then you’re not fishing these right!


In Conclusion

These are the top saltwater lures that didn’t quite make the top 5. These are in no particular order, that being said, I do like some of these more than others.

If you want to read the original article to see my top 5, click here.

Until next time, tight lines.

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