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The Coronavirus has turned life upside down across the world. Businesses have closed and people are out of work. The fishing industry is not immune from this, guides across the country are seeing trips cancel.

At Bud n’ Mary’s Marina in the Florida Keys things are no different. The world class guides of the famed marina are now sitting home watching television instead of fishing.

However, this isn’t true of everyone at Bud n’ Mary’s. A few guides are using this as an opportunity to showcase the incredible fishing that the Keys has to offer.

Tekéze Charters

I’ve known captain Charles Hertel of Tekéze Charters since college. Charlie went to UCF and was the president of the UCF Reel Knights Fishing Club, I would come to Orlando from USF frequently to play hockey games against UCF or to attend ICAST. We had mutual friends and we would also connect at ICAST.

Now in life after college, Charlie has moved home to the Sportfishing Capital of the World where he is a full-time guide at the world famous Bud n’ Mary’s Marina.

Charlie is making the most of the quarantine by starting his own YouTube Channel, Tekéze TV. Check it out and give him a follow here! 

Charlie isn’t the only Bud n’ Mary’s guide who has taken to YouTube, the marina owners, the Stanczyks have also joined Youtube. You can find Charlie as a guest on their channel from time to time as well.

In Conclusion:

The coronavirus will end and eventually things will go back to normal. When they do, make sure you get down to the keys and fish with Charlie and the other guides at Bud n’ Marys.

In the meantime, check out Charlie’s channel and give him a follow for some awesome Islamorada fishing content.

If you want more info on the Keys and Bud n’ Mary’s you can check out their website, or any of the blogs I’ve written about island chain such as:

And more!

Until next time, Tight Lines!

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