Product Review: Dixie Dancer Lures

I love doing product reviews, for example, recently I was able to review the Dixie Dancer line of lures from KMDA Inc. While I am a saltwater angler, I do enjoy bass fishing, so I definitely was up to the task.

Intro in Sum

Full disclosure, I have never thrown a spinner bait, in fact, I have rarely thrown anything buy my flyrod at bass in years. However, the times I have thrown spin tackle I’ve thrown worms and frogs. In other words, I will admit that spinner baits were a challenge, willow blades vs Indiana blades? Work it slow? Rip it? Jig it? Colors? Again, my knowledge of spinning tackle for bass was limited to watermelon and junebug colored worms as well as topwater frogs, yet I made it work.

This particularly day, I without a doubt had the most success casting, letting the lure sink and reeling at medium speed and intermittently stopping it to let it sink. It seemed to me that the most strikes happened when I let it sink about five feet off the shoreline. Additionally, the color that seemed to produce the best was the black and purple over chartreuse. Another thing that should be noted is that each lure came with a trailer grub that had a second hook. However, personally, I removed the second hook, I felt that it fouled too much and had too much of an effect on how the lure swam. I’m certainly not saying that it won’t work, or that in your application and type of fishing that it won’t work, I’m just saying how I felt and what worked best for me in my specific situation.


Finally Fishing

Onto the fish, I jumped off a solid bass on chartreuse, but switched to black and purple as it was closer to the color worms that I would normally throw. For example, below this nice bass absolutely thumped the bait. The blades consequently threw off insane vibrations underwater and this bass couldn’t resist coming out from its ambush position to whack it.

Meanwhile while I was catching fish, Nate was slaying them on fly. Flies like messenger frogs for instance were the ticket here.



A quick walk across the street to a new pond didn’t yield any largemouth, but I did catch a warmouth. These spunky little guys were all over, and were certainly chewing. They crushed flies as well as chasing down a spinner bait almost half as big as they were!


In Conclusion 

We would continuously catch fish all day long, subsequently, a total of 17 fish came to hand that day. Subsequently, here are a few more looks.


Overall it was an awesome day. Fishing spinnerbaits can be a challenge, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, the bottom line is this: these lures work, they brought fish to hand consistently all day. Dixie dancer lures are certainly great freshwater offerings! In other words, these lures slay.

You can get yours at a number of fine retailers like Google for instance, and especially through KMDA. Thanks especially to Nathan Hitt for finding the fish and taking the pics!

If you enjoyed this post, then definitely stay tuned for more great content! I have some great stuff coming out soon that you’ll certainly love!

Above all,In the mean time, definitely keep fishing and getting out on the water!

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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