The great fishing of 2014-2015

Firstly, I just want to say, what a year it has been! I suppose you could say two years since I never wrote a year recap for 2014! These past two years have taken me fishing from my home waters of the greater Tampa Bay area up to Cedar Key then down to Homestead and Islamorada. In sum, what a year of great fishing!

Secondly, I’d like to say that all of these great adventures that I have embarked on, I’ve been accompanied by great friends. Friends who I’ve learned a lot from in terms of fishing and life and who have also helped me and continue to help me in daily life.

In other words, the people you spend the time with are just as important as what you do with them!

The Fish

So really, as special as all these fish are to me, they wouldn’t mean half as much if I didn’t have them to share this joy with. I don’t know why, but God decided to bless me with a life filled with amazing people who I know I couldn’t get along ¬†without. So here’s to these past two years of fish, and most importantly; friends.

God is certainly good!


In short, from Homestead to Islamorada my friends and I crushed fish. Subsequently, you can read all about it in:

Similarly, below are some other miscellaneous catches I’ve had this year that I am pretty proud of:



My friends are better fisherman than I am. Subsequently, there are too many impressive catches to share them all. So here are a few I picked out:


Additionally, I want to note that my friends are also better photographers then me as well. Hence, without their camerawork I wouldn’t have been able to post these!

In Conclusion

Like I said, they’re all much better fisherman than I am. They’ve all had many more great catches than this. There’s simply too many to list.

God has blessed us beyond measure, hence always be thankful for all that you have. Basically, realize that it could all change any day. Remember what’s important and stay true to yourself as well as those that matter.

Similarly, also understand that if you’re life isn’t as full and rich as someone else’s, that you can still achieve it. Above all, never give up.

If you’ve enjoyed this piece, then stay tuned because I have a lot more great content coming soon! For example, posts like product reviews and more videos!

Finally, I hope this new year brings everyone peace and joy. In short, I hope that it’s full of smiles, great memories, good fish and even better people to share them with.

2014/2015 was certainly full of great fishing! Here’s to many more fun, happy and likewise fish-filled years!

Until next time, Tight Lines.




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