Fly Dudes do Fly Things: Part 2

Tom Brokaw once said, “if fishing is like religion, then fly fishing is high church”. That being said, my friends and I certainly take this to heart. Day 3. Inshore. Hence, it’s fly time.

I had the privilege to fish with Captain Jeff Beeler. Conversly, my friends fished with captains Perry Scuderi and Vincent Biondoletti. These guys are experts, because of this, we were all super excited.

Captain Beeler and I ran straight across Florida Bay to Flamingo where he polled me around looking for snook and redfish as well as tarpon. He was certainly making the effort to find fish.

Off to the Glades

As we made our way down the mangrove lined shoreline, I saw two tarpon roll in front of the boat. I made a few false casts and then finally dropped my fly right on the boil the fish had just made. The cast was perfect, accordingly, I instantly had an eat.

After a few nice jumps I pretty much had the fish wrapped up, until the tax man paid me a visit. A rather large lemon shark that we had seen cruising around earlier felt that he was entitled to my fish, check out the video!

While this was a cool site to see, I was also very upset about losing this nice fish. In other words I was hating that lemon in that moment.

Following some tarpon fun we decided to go chase some snook. Captain Beeler put me right on them, I caught three solid fish on spin out of a hole. After the easy catching was done, we then went for something more challenging. Polling me around less than a foot of water, he gave me shots at multiple snook and I was able to land a few on fly!

To put it another way, it was absolutely incredible!



Post Snook Let Down

Following this, we polled around the rest of the day trying for redfish which were literally tailing all around us. Singles, doubles and schools, however they were all too skittish to be caught.

What I really wanted was a bonefish on fly. That being said, we fly to a bonefish flat.

My guide polled me around for looking for bonefish, but to no avail. I saw many things that I thought looked like bonefish, but were in fact just very convincing logs.

In Conclusion

It was an all around great day of fishing. Will and Jarek both caught nice permit, they also threw a 12 weight fly rod and had multiple tarpon in the 80 pound class chase, but they couldn’t hook up. Nick and Jose caught two tarpon in the 80 pound class on bait as well as a few sharks.


In this case, the bait of choice for the perms was a live pass crab.

We all had an amazing day of fishing and it’s only right that I thank all the captains that we had that day. Captain Perry Scuderi, Captain Jeff Beeler and Captain Vincent Biondoletti all had us on fish all day.

In other words, we all slayed.

If you are interested in booking a trip with any of these highly experienced guides please contact Bud N’ Mary’s Marina.

I will certainly book with any of these guys again

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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