Taxidermy in 2023 | Fish Release Mounts

Taxidermy used to mean killing your fish (or other animal) to have it stuffed. These stuffed mounts would eventually rot, smell and fall apart. Nowadays, fiberglass is the way to go, and the best part? You no longer need to kill the fish. Here are some great taxidermy options.


King Sailfish Mounts 

Founded in 1991 and based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, King Sailfish Mounts creates beautiful mounts made entirely from man-made materials. All you have to provide is measurements of your catch and a photo to help create an authentic replica. They offer freshwater, saltwater, baitfish and trophy mounts.



Gray Taxidermy 

50 years and over 500,000 fish mounts created, Gray is one of the best in the business at producing beautiful, life-like release mounts of fresh and saltwater fish. Based out of Pompano Beach, Florida, you can find their works hanging at many of the local restaurants, marinas and bars in the South Florida area.


Gray Taxidermy Media Gallery and download page


New Wave Taxidermy 

Based out of Stuart, Florida this family-owned business is a smaller shop, but they make some very high-quality mounts. They have over 40 years of experience creating mounts that are sure to impress!



Honorable Mention: IGFA Catch Certificate 

While obviously not a taxidermy piece, they are a great way to commemorate a special catch! All you have to do is go to the IGFA website and fill out a form with some questions about your catch and they’ll send you a certificate with all the information about the catch with Guy Harvey art, signed and stamped by the IGFA President. The best part? They’re only $20, a great gift!


In Conclusion

The three companies that I listed above all do great work and help anglers to stay conservation-minded. When you finally get your life-changing catch that you want to immortalize, or surprise the angler in your life, reach out to one of these companies, you’ll be glad you did!

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Until next time, tight lines.

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