Product Review: Baker Lures

I recently had the privilege to review Baker Lures from KMDA Inc. and let me say, it certainly was a privilege. So these lures are marketed as ” zeroing-in on species ranging from trout, perch, bass and walleye to salmon, northern pike and muskie”, well let me just say that they can do a lot more than that.

Since these are freshwater lures, that’s where I started off. The way the lure dipped, dived and swam subsequently made it irresistible to bass and this bowfin seen below.


Photo credit to my man Jarek.


Bass also nailed it, for example, check out the two below! While at first glance it may not seem consequential since they’re just two small bass, but that’s just the point. These two bass aren’t much bigger than the lure itself, yet absolutely went after and crushed it. That’s a sign of an enticing lure.



The above lures were certainly getting it done in freshwater, I had gar eats (and subsequent spits), bass and freshwater snook swoop on it and the occasional alligator chase it (which I had to rescue from its jaws).


So I knew these lures could perform in freshwater, but I am primarily a saltwater angler, so I had to give it a whirl there as well. I took some Bakers out to fish trout on dock lights and I was more than impressed, this lure was like heroin to these fish. I caught about 20 solid trout and ladyfish, and popped off about a dozen more or so as well as having multiple strikes.



In Conclusion

All and all these are great lures for a number of freshwater species as well as Florida saltwater species, you may just need to replace the hooks if they rust from the salt. I will be carrying them in my tackle box to be sure.

You can get your Baker Lures from a number of online dealers in the links below as well as many fine retailers.


Tackle Warehouse

Before I end this post, you may notice that my site has a brand new theme and a new domain. I owe this to my man Shane Alexander who helped me revamp my site and also gave me some guidance on this whole blogging thing. The man is a genius and an overall great guy and fisherman, so here it’s only right to say thank you Shane.

Until next time. Tight Lines.

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