Fishing Report: Odds and Ends Part 2

I’ve been very busy lately and during this time haven’t had much time to fish (let alone write a fishing report) or blog. I did do one post about my stay at the Gasparilla Inn and Club recently, if you want to read that, then peep the July Coastal Angler as well as my blog. I have been doing a lot of work for grad school, getting ready to move back into my old place in Tampa and fishing a little bit here and there. In short, I can’t wait to go fishing!

Mangrove Marine

In one of my upcoming articles I discuss a company called Mangrove Marine. They’re a marine plastic company that is now creating products for sale to the general public. One of their cooler products I came across is the “chumbuster”.

I remember the first charter I worked as a mate, I cut off the tip of my thumb while chumming for mangos. This product definitely would’ve saved a piece of my thumb! The slideshow below shows how it works.



It’s a great product if you’re a clutz like me. It’s also a great product if you love efficiency which makes you smart. Check out the July edition of “Coastal Angler” for my write up on Mangrove Marine, a great company with great products and care. I have seen products like this before, but they’re all gimmicky. In short, this product will make your life easier!

In other news, my family recently purchased an 18 foot Seapro which is great (hence another reason why I can’t wait to go fishing). I’ve only been in it once since getting it, but I love it. My first trip in it yielded snook, trout and redfish. It was especially cool because my mother and I doubled up on reds.



Finally, the Fishing ReportĀ 

Continuing on with my work and all that good stuff I subsequently did find time again to fish. This time I chased some pond tarpon. What can I say I like small fish; very small fish.

Tarpon (39)
What’s up slobcake?


I got out with my friend Chris Sexton in the Gheenoe to hit dock lights, certainly exciting. Dock lights are my favoirte thing to do because of how visible the bite is. We got a few small snook and I also jumped a nice poon. Chris likewise jumped a nice tarpon as well. It was pretty awesome, because when you set the tone early with a fish on my first cast on the first light, you know you’re in for a time. In other words, we slayed.


Snook (34)
This guy absolutely murdered my fly


I wrote last year about shark week, which is coming up soon. Because of this, I figured I would finish up with this close up of a little blacktip.


Blacktip Shark (9)


In Conclusion:

The fishing has certainly been great lately. This is exciting not just because it is fun, but because it shows the health of our fishery!

Next time I write, it will be as a student at USF. Maybe I’ll bring you all a report from my ICAST trip next month.

If you enjoyed this fishing report, then I suggest you stay tuned for more awesome fishing content!

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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