Go with the Flow: Links are Here

I have been busy with my new job so I haven’t had a chance to do as much fishing as I would have liked; or for that matter writing. I do have some cool new things that I would like to talk about though that are coming in the near future. One will be product reviews. This will be awesome as it certainly provides me a reason to go fishing. So I’m looking forward to that. Another is adding links to other sites!

Something else new and upcoming that I’ve already started is links. I started a links page here where you can visit to find other cool sites. Click here to check it out or on the main page of my blog you’ll see the link.


I have a link to Captain Curran’s Sailing Blog which is all about boating and the nautical life as well as a link to the Skinny Water Culture website¬†where you can find awesome gear and content that speaks to the DNA and soul of fisherman. Check these guys out!

I will have more awesome stuff and fishing related content coming out soon, so make sure that you stay tuned!

Until next time, Tight Lines!

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