Cloudy with a chance of reds

My weekdays are generally unexciting. There are times that I get to go whip the fly around after work with some friends, but that’s about it. Only on weekends do I get an opportunity to really go fishing, and I don’t always take advantage of it. I miss reds…

For about the past two weeks it has poured here on Florida’s West Central coast and so I haven’t fishing save for one day out of that span. Tuesday it had rained in the morning, but was a relatively decent day. Sure it was a bit breezy and it was overcast, but that beats pouring rain and lightning any day. I got a call from my buddy Jarek who I fish with quite often and he informed me of the good tide we would be having. We talked for a bit more and the plans were set. We would take the kayaks out and keep to the canals to try for reds and snook.

I was honestly expecting it to rain at some point, but it never did. In fact it cleared up a bit to show some blue sky and even a sunset. Not to mention that we got on some fish. Nothing too big, but we say some cool stuff, caught a few reds and had a great time.

reds on the docks

This red was pondering life’s biggest questions. Mainly about eating shrimp. Yeah he was definitely thinking about eating shrimp.

reds in the kayak


Hooked in the corner of the mouth via circle hook and safely released to get bigger.

Not bad for a random Tuesday.

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Until next time, Tight Lines!

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