Things that go Bump in the Night

The heat of the coming months can ruin a day of fishing if not properly managed. So why not go night fishing?

As summer comes into full swing temperatures during the hottest part of the day can top out in the mid and upper nineties and even higher. Without knowing how to deal with this anglers not only face difficult angling prospects, but the dangers of heat exhaustion and sunburns.

Why Night Fishing?

Fish don’t like doing anything in the mid-summer heat any more than we do; this can spell a day of fishing rather than catching. That is why the most effective way to target game fish during this time of year is at low light hours such as dawn and dusk, but specifically night time.

During the night water temperatures can drop significantly and thus bring to life the once lethargic predators that turned their noses up at various offerings during the heat of the day. Snook, tarpon, redfish, trout, sharks and others are all good options for the night angler; in fact nighttime is when some of the biggest fish are caught this time of year.

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Area beaches and passes and well as docks and other structures are good places to start searching for night time targets. A wide assortment of cut and live baits as well as flies and jigs can produce fish. If you’re fishing from shore you can contact your local government to learn which parks are open past dark. You can also check with FWC.

My personal favorite thing to do is sit on the beach from sunset until the bait runs out and soak a cut ladyfish or live pinfish on the bottom and wait for a shark or snook.

In Conclusion

While anglers may be safe from the mid-day heat at night, there are other things that anglers must be cautious of. Stingrays, catfish and sharks are common night fishing catches and must be handled with care.

In addition to fish that must be handled with caution, anglers can face hoards of mosquitos and other biting insects. Night time fishing is a different game for those in a water craft, no matter how experienced you are, never get complacent and always use caution when operating a water craft at night.

Personally I never take my kayak or skiff out after dark because they don’t have navigation equipment. Even so, exercise caution when boating after dark.

If one takes the right precautions (bug spray, lights etc.) and comes prepared with the right tackle, night fishing can provide excellent action during the heat of the summer. Try night fishing tonight!

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