2023 Fishing and other Adventures

2023 Fishing – what comes to mind most for me is travel. I had a lot of fun traveling and have plans to do so further in 2024.


1. Saint Augustine

I journeyed to the “Old City” and pulled on some redfish as well as explored history and ate some amazing food.


2023 Fishing in Saint Augustine



2. Key West 

I had a great time chasing bonefish in the “Conch Republic”. Even though they didn’t want to play, there was plenty of other fun to be had.


2023 fishing in Key West


3. Everglades City 

The glades are a truly wild place. Steve Huff was once asked by a charter guest what would happen if he (Huff) were to die out there, how would he (the guest) make it back to the ramp. Huff replied, “You wouldn’t”. It is a wild place. The Everglades are untamed and in my mind, the eighth wonder of the world. Anyway, I caught a bunch of snook on fly.


A baby Everglades City snook with a chartreuse fly in its mouth


4. Shark tooth Hunting

Venice Beach has some of the best shark tooth hunting anywhere. Fossilized teeth are ripe for the taking along the shore and in the surf line. All you have to do is get out there and find them!


shark teeth found on Venice beach


5. Scalloping 

It’s one of my favorite things to do. This past year I finally got in on the Pasco County scallop season, and boy was it fun. Diving for these tasty morsels will certainly be a summertime tradition for me going forward.





2023 fishing and other adventures were great. As I enter into 2024 I have more plans for traveling and adventure. Some different. some the same.

I will be traveling to Destin, FL to fish for redfish with Captain Royce Dahnke. Possible trips to Tennessee and New York are in the works, I will certainly be scalloping, looking for fossils and shark teeth, fishing for peacock bass and targeting Tampa Bay redfish, tarpon and snook.

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