Top 10 Fishing TV Shows

Every fisherman that I know loves to watch fishing on television, and for good reason, it’s our passion! Here is a list of my top 10 fishing TV shows (in no particular order).

Recent Fishing Shows 


1. Silver Kings 

Do you like tarpon fishing in the Keys? Do you like fishing for tarpon on fly? If you answered “yes” to either of those two questions, then you will love this show. Hosted by Islamorada guide, Captain Jared Raskob, he showcases tarpon on fly with guests such as Andy Mill, Meredith McCord and David Mangum.


Silver Kings Season 2: Episode 6 "Golden Fly Part 2" - YouTube


2. Flats Class

Hosted by Captain CA Richardson, this show is as entertaining as it is educational. CA considers himself as much an educator as a guide and has done a ton to promote conservation and help make you a better angler. I highly recommend checking out Flats Class University and his Monday Night Fishing series on Instagram.


Flats Class TV


3. Saltwater Experience 

From Hawks Cay in Marathon, Florida Keys, Captains Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor bring you one of the longest running fishing television shows of all time. This show focuses on the multitude of opportunities for different fishing that the Keys offer. From goliaths under mangroves in the backcountry to poling a flat for bonefish to inshore kite fishing for sharks, after watching, you’ll be running to book your trip.


Fishing TV Shows — Saltwater Experience Fishing


4. Into the Blue 

The sister show to Saltwater Experience, based out of Hawks Cay or Key West at times, Captains Steve Rodger and Scott Walker show you the amazing offshore fishery in the Florida Keys. Just like with Saltwater Experience, you’ll be ready to book your trip to the keys.

Fishing TV Shows - Into the Blue


5. Sport Fishing Television 

What really sets Sport Fishing Television apart is the overall production value. As far as fishing TV shows go, the overall product is top notch. Narrated by Flip Pallot and with a focus on guide and location the videography is simply incredible. This show places a great emphasis on up-close, detailed shots and exceptionally clear sound. It’s almost ASMR for fishermen.


Fishing TV Shows - SFTV


Fishing TV Shows of Yesteryear 

There are a ton of great shows out there that I didn’t even list above. With that said, once upon a time there were other shows that were truly iconic and captivated generations of anglers. Here are some of the greats.


  1. Walkers Cay Chronicles: If there’s a way to describe this show it is one word. Soul. Flip Pallot hosts and produces a fishing show that is unlike anything on TV today – you have to watch it to understand.
  2. Spanish Fly: Fishing around the world with the late Jose Wejebe, his love for fishing and the outdoors was infectious and created a truly special show.
  3. Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston and Roland Martin: Referred to as the “Three Legends”, these three guys have combined for over 120 years of TV experience on various shows. Each is a massively accomplished angler and innovator, watch any of their TV shows and you’ll get a sense of how legendary these guys are and what they mean to the world of fishing.


In Conclusion 

I ranked each of these programs in no particular order, and as I said, I excluded a lot of great shows. Perhaps that you have a different list. Whatever the case, if you’re into fishing, I recommend checking these out!

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Until next time, tight lines.

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