Chassahowitzka Redfish Smackdown

Last week I was on yet another trip to Chassahowitzka to chase redfish with my friend Nick Fisch. 

Usually our trips are marked by tough conditions and even tougher fish. Our focus is on fly fishing for redfish and snook, but on this day conditions determined otherwise.


Low Tide on the Chazz

You may have heard of negative low tides, but until you experience one, you really don’t know how low and brutal it can actually be. Perhaps most importantly, these types of scenarios can demoralize you.



Not a redfish in site on these negative lows, as a matter of fact no fish in site at all. These super low tides render the area almost unnavigable. In other words, the flat looks like the surface of the moon.

At least the good thing is that the deadly limestone outcroppings, oyster bars and boulders that can blow out your lower unit are exposed so you don’t have to worry about running up onto one.


Redfish Redemption  

After polling for at least an hour an a half we made it back into an isolated area in the back country of the back country. It was extremely shallow all around but we were staked out on the edge of what was clearly a deeper hole. In light on the circumstances, we found a fish magnet.

Cast after cast we landed slot redfish ranging from the 18-25 inch range.



Caught this nice red on my first cast. Even more followed.


The ticket was MirrOLure Lil John soft plastics and DOA paddletails rigged on jigheads and weedless slowly worked along the bottom. Above all however, it was the DOAs the got the most bites.


In other words, we slayed.

In Conclusion 

Finally the tide started to come back up so we were able to pole out back onto the flats where we saw numerous schools of redfish.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get any of these fish to eat and they were being super spooky. If you want to read about a time that we did get them to eat a fly and how we did it, you can check out one of my other posts, Nature Coast Redemption. 

Despite that our original plan didn’t work out, we caught over a dozen redfish and had an awesome day. Sometimes if your plan A doesn’t workout you have to be ready to resort to plan B or C or furthermore plan D. All in all, a great day on the Chazz.

If you want to learn about the many hunting and fishing opportunities in Chassahowitzka, you can check out the website for the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge here. 

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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