Red(fish) September

Bet you thought that I was going to say redfish October didn’t you? Granted that would’ve been a lot cooler, here we are.

This weekend was another stellar weekend on the water, beautiful conditions and filled with fish. In two days, we caught a literal pile of fish – close to 30 total fish including trout, sheepshead, snook, big inshore snappers and of course redfish!

While it was a great weekend of fishing, it wasn’t easy. We had a livewell full of shrimp, pinfish, grunts and greenbacks – we had to try them all until we found what they were chewing on. Additionally, we pulled out all the stops checking out more than two dozen spots. Once things were dialed in however, it was game on. The game changer, greenies, the location, classified.

The snook, trout and sheepshead were all small unfortunately, however, we did get a few large inshore mangrove snappers which we took home. As for the redfish, most were rats, but we did have a few lower slot fish as well.


solid redfish

While not the giants we were looking for, there’s nothing wrong with an 18-21 inch redfish.

What I was the most happy about however, is that we caught one very quality fish. My friend Jarek and I were able to put our good friend Jose on his biggest redfish ever, a 29 incher!


29 inch redfish


We each lost a few fish which could’ve been quality fish as well. Props to Jarek with the cast net skills which allowed us to keep the livewell full all day. We’ll definitely be back out there getting after them again!

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Until next time, Tight Lines.


Bonus: Shout out to Jarek for landing this nice tarpon on fly


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