Product Review: Southern Fin Apparel

I had the privilege of doing some product testing for the Boynton Beach based company Southern Fin Apparel. I was testing their performance long sleeve dolphin print.

On to Testing:

My first stop was mid day fishing for bass. It was one of those days where you could literally hear how hot it was. Those who live in Florida know exactly what I’m talking about. For those who don’t, it’s the sound of cicadas chirping that is synonymous with summer heat. I caught bass after bass after bass during this time and stayed cool all the while. This shirt has great ventilation that lets wind cool you while also blocking the sun.



After some bass fishing I took to the salt in search of snook and tarpon.

southern fin apparel

I landed a fun sized snook as the sun was setting. It was super buggy at the time and my Southern Fin shirt kept them from getting through.

southern fin apparel snook


Gotta give a shout out to my boy Jarek who tied the schminnow (see below) that this snook absolutely smoked.


Finally I took this Southern Fin shirt out for one more test, night fishing. I caught my bait in a cast net to use on a flat line and also threw fly at trout in dock lights.

Another shout out to Jarek for his sick flies that caught me upwards of 20 trout.

This shirt got bloody, slimy, wet and smelly that night. All throughout, it kept my skin dry and safe from bugs and it also proved durable as it all washed out.

I have to say that this shirt is incredibility stylish having a cool print on the back, logo on the breast and company name as it appears in the title of this post running down the sleeve. It’s durable, wicks away moisture while keeping you cool, keeps bugs away and is comfortable. I would certainly say that it’s something anglers on both the East and West coast not only of Florida, but really anywhere should look into.

In Conclusion:

Southern Fin Apparel also offers hats, T-shirts, buffs and other long sleeve prints. To purchase these items or contact them visit their website here.

For information on how to tie the flies that were used in this post see my prior posts.

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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