Loop Knot How To’s: Watch and Learn

This is the loop knot. It’s a great knot for attaching leader to flies, jigheads, live bait hooks and lures. I don’t use a fly or lure without it. Also with live bait, it gives the bait more freedom to move and thus a more natural presentation. It’s a knot that every fisherman should have in their repertoire.

The flies we were tossing in “The Scum Pond Chronicles” all made use of loops. In fact, in most of my blogs where fish are caught on either fly or artificials make use of this easy to tie, strong and clean knot.

loop knot and lure
This knot helps lures swim with more action


Tom Rowland of Saltwater Experience offers a great video of how to tie a loop knot!

Hopefully this blog helps you to have more success throwing both spin and fly, bait and artificials. Anything you can do to get a leg up or find some kind of advantage when it comes to fishing is worth the effort.

If you found this blog helpful, then stay tuned for the next rendition of fly tying vlogs! Up next week I will be teaching you how to tie a strong and effective leader knot!

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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