Knot anything to be proud of

Tying good, strong knots is essential to landing big fish, conversely, a shoddy tie will leave you with disappointment.

That being said, I will be doing a series of videos regarding knots. The videos will be of me as well as others demonstrating how to tie knots. It’s “knot” anything to be proud of (and I’m not excluding myself from this) because there’s always someone better than you or who can tie the same or better!

For example, Captain Tom Roland of Saltwater Experience has amazing knot tying videos. 

easy and effective knot
The double uni knot is a great tie to learn


I really hope that these posts can help people see new ways to do or improve things. Also if you’re a beginner I really hope this helps you out as well and is a good reference, but don’t discount the advice of people who may suggest different ways from the shown videos.

As I said, a good knot can mean the difference between a big fish or a big disappointment. For example, in any of my tarpon posts like “Bow to the Silver King”, a huge part of the success was because of a good knot!

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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