Rain Rain Go Away

Summertime rain keeping you in? Such a pain. Regardless of whether the boat is all moored up or not, you’re not totally our of luck. Despite this, there’s still options to get your yank on even when Mother Nature is at her worst.

Two fish, one salt (snook on the left) and in contrast, one fresh (bass on the right) were caught out of the same body of water on mullet pattern flies. In a word: epic.

Firstly: Where to Look

Sheltered inland waters like ponds (see “The Scum Pond Chronicles”) are excellent options, however, don’t forget their cousins – lagoons. They are snook havens in the cold winter months, conversely they are also snook habitats in the summer too! What’s great is that theses places tend to be calmer when the wind is up and your offshore plans are cancelled, as a result, fish on!

The before

In short: The after- A 36 inch lagoon snook

Fear of summer rain bringing with it lightning or a tornado etc? Organize your tackle and perform maintenance. Tackle boxes and bags can get messy and disorganized, use your down time to reorganize tackle or clean and oil reels.

Performing these tasks on a day where you can’t fish will have you thanking yourself later that you did. No one wants to get to a spot only to realize they don’t have the right tackle or that the reel they knew needed some oil now won’t reel. With this in mind, take care of your gear!

In Conclusion

Most importantly, knowledge is power, check the weather on sites like weather.gov. to stay up with the latest. If there is a doubt, just don’t go. In other words, better safe than sorry!

Until next time, Tight Lines

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