A Reflection on Public Relations

I am breaking from my mold of talking about fishing to talk about a new topic.However, I shouldn’t really call it a topic in itself because it’s not that esoteric, I suppose the proper name I should use for it is “reflection”. I just want to reflect about my time taking my Principles of Public Relations class.

Going into the program and class I basically knew what I was getting into and up to now I have been right. I wouldn’t have blindly chosen a program I knew nothing about and had no idea what the job entailed. That being said, I have still learned a great deal and have more to learn still.

Prior to taking this class as I stated previously, I knew the basic idea of PR. Now through taking this class I have a much deeper understanding of the industry and its scope. Learning the scope of PR really got the gears turning in my head, so many companies use PR either with an outside firm or through themselves. I feel this gives me a unique opportunity to possibly work around the two things I love the most – hockey and fishing.

Public Relations: In Conclusion

This class has also afforded me the opportunity to interact with other students, something I appreciate. I find my other classes to be boring especially since I don’t have the chance to interact with other students. In most of my other classes I sit in silence writing notes, so it is refreshing to interact in group activities during the course of the semester.

Principles of Public Relations really is the foundation of all that is to come and I look forward to taking other PR classes in the future to further my knowledge of the field. Hopefully I will be able to land a career in the fishing or hockey industry as a result of this program and the classes associated with it. As of now, I think that I made a good decision to pursue a career in public relations, though only time will tell.

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