SWC: The Coolest Fishing Company in the World

Florida is the fishing capital of the world, this being the case it follows that it is also the fishing company capital of the world as well. In my mind one stands out from all the rest as being the coolest for a variety of reasons. It is Skinny Water Culture (SWC).


I do not currently nor have I ever worked for Skinny Water Culture, accepted any kind of benefits or gifts or special treatment from the company, nor do I have any close personal ties to the founders, employees, management or anyone involved with it. This is merely my opinion of the company because I enjoy their products and what they stand for.

SWC History: 

Skinny Water Culture was started in 2007 by Vince Stegura and Ray Slattery. The following is an excerpt taken directly from the SWC website, “We decided to make clothes we wanted to wear. Not just tee shirts with different pictures of fish, but actual clothing with the DNA of fishing people. The SWC logo was Ray’s work. The tailing redfish and the push pole logos were the perfect symbols to reflect our brand. Understated, and recognizable by those in the know. ”

The push pole and redfish tail logo are so simple yet so genius.

Photo credit to skinnywaterculture.com

In my opinion SWC not only has some of the coolest designs around but they helped to popularize inshore, saltwater fly fishing and a sense of Florida identity. In recent years it seems like I have seen more people getting into the fly game and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that SWC showed people how cool it can be.

In my opinion this only helps not just fly fishing, but fishing in general. SWC is only getting bigger, if you search #skinnywaterculture on Instagram you’ll get almost 30,000 results and their Facebook page has over 14,000 likes, this is sure to grow in the coming years. I applaud Skinny Water Culture for their awesome products and showing people the beauty and all around awesomeness of fly fishing; keep it up!

Myan cichlid on fly

Photo credit to Nathan Hitt

Snook on fly in another addition of “The Scum Pond Chronicles”

Photo Credit to William Ward


The push pole and redfish tail logo are not mine and I do not claim them to be mine. They are property of Skinny Water Culture.

If you want more information about Skinny Water Culture you can follow them on Instagram, like them on Facebook or check out their website here.


Until next time, Tight Lines.

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