New Year New Fishing Game (Sort of)

It has been a while since I’ve been able to write as Christmas and New Years was a very busy time for me. But I can’t say that I didn’t find time to go fishing here and there. I got into some Spanish mackerel and juvi snook here as well as a mess of silver trout that were absolutely delicious. It wasn’t until the New Year that I had time to really fish hard and put in the time.

My friends have been on the fly game as usual and doing well fishing for snook and tarpon. I have really stepped into the fly game as well (which is an allusion to the title). However, I seem to specialize in losing both flies as well as the fish I hook into with said flies.

The Legendary Linesider fooled on fly

Photo credit to William Ward

The Silver King lighting up the midnight sky

Photo credit to Nathan Hitt

This guy thought he could break off around a drain pipe. He was wrong.

Photo credit to Nathan Hitt

Fish: Non-Fly Fishing

As the year goes on I will become a better fly angler I have a lot of improving to do but with enough work I’ll start landing some of these fish. I did however start the year off in a rather exciting way with a nice bull shark off the beach that was nearly four feet long. I was surprised to catch a shark with the cold weather, but I guess with enough dead mullet and ladyfish anything is possible. Perhaps what I found more surprising was that I landed him with 25 lb fluorocarbon leader and only a 2/0 hook. Also, the fact that the fight consisted of several hard runs and dragged on longer than I would’ve liked for such light gear made it even better.

Bull sharks have the highest testosterone level of any animal in the Animal Kingdom. This one did not disappoint.

Photo credit to Robby Mattei

In Conclusion:

The end of 2013 and into the start of this year has been great in many ways both on and off the water. I hope that this trend will continue for all of us.

Until next time, Tight Lines.

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